Cognitive Behavioural Coaching

Emotional resilience for practical problem solving and self-care

Integrative Behavioural coaching for self-discipline & resilience

Three to twelve sessions. One hour to ninety minutes per session.

Integrative Behavioural coaching targets procrastination or difficulties in maintaining the type of psychologically healthy outlook which promotes sustainable change.

Changing thinking and behavioural habits of a life time can be difficult and frustrating. We are often inhibited by self-defeating thoughts. This may present itself as negative “I can’t” internal dialogue. Cognitive behavioural coaching is a collaborative approach which rationally explores entrenched performance inhibiting thoughts and experiments with alternative ways to view particular situations or relationships. My role as an empathic, ethical integrative CBC coach helps my clients to:

  • Explore activating events which trigger unhelpful, goal inhibiting thoughts.
  • Recognise links between activating events, the inhibiting thoughts they trigger and the consequential, emotions and behaviours.
  • Identify alternative ways to take personal responsibility for choosing how to respond to activating events.
  • Use new experiences to create realistic phased steps toward sustainable change.
  • Practice self-kindness while using rational positive performance enhancing thoughts to underpin the coaching process.

Problem solving and solution focused coaching for emotional disturbances such as, worry, stress, anxiety, low-mood, depression, guilt, shame, hurt, unhealthy anger, jealousy and envy.

Often these issues become more apparent when we experience significant life events such as illness, loss or the breakdown in a special relationship. My responsibility is to take care to discuss whether coaching or psychotherapy offers a more suitable route to wellbeing. Where we agree therapy is more appropriate, I can support my clients in locating a practitioner. I can, if useful, and with the therapist’s full agreement, provide practical coaching to support healthy routines while deep psychological issues are managed through professional therapy.

Where we agree that coaching is a viable approach to managing emotional disturbances, my role is to provide a person-centred, empathetic approach which:

  • Recognises people are experts in their own life.
  • Identify the problems resulting from the emotional disturbances.
  • Support my client to develop solutions which offer sustainable emotional balance.
  • Explore ways to restore and protect energy levels which enhance an ability to develop solution focused self-coaching skills.
  • Put an adaptable self-coaching plan in place which supports long term self awareness, self-acceptance and self-care.

Single Session Coaching

One to two hours

Coach/Mentor Support: for a specific challenge such as preparing or practising for new challenges, meetings, interviews and presentations. I bring a range of coaching tools and techniques which supports a practical 'cut to the chase' process.

This approach is designed to promote self-coaching as a practical resource.

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You can get in touch by calling me any time, without obligation on 07717 447 627 or by filling out your details in my contact form here.

Once you have got in touch, I will contact you to discuss your enquiry and to arrange a consultation. Please be reassured that your contact with me will be in the very strictest of confidence.

The first step of reaching out is always the hardest, but once you have done it you are already halfway there.

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